There’s a Story Here

Fat Mum Slim’s September Photo a Day Challenge, Day 12: Together led me to a whole new domain name and writing space.

Of course there’s a back story– silly!

Alright, so yesterday on Scattermom–my ADHD/mom/parenting blog— because I like to spread myself all over the place like cream cheese… mmmm, cream cheeseI mentioned having thoughts about September 11th. I meant to start writing that last night, but I got distracted by Ari Shapiro’s Pledge of Allegiance quandary. I just wrote about the pledge of allegiance, and then to have a similar thing show up on NPR? Cool.

I do have thoughts on 9/11, but first I wanted to find the version from 2002.

Those written thoughts weren’t in this box with my other scraps of paper– that would have been too easy, and I do enjoy a challenge. Nor did I find them in the drawer with my old journals, or in the filing cabinet with my old english papers.

But in each of those places I found stuff, and when I put it all in a pile together it looked like:

A journal/diary/poem book from 1990 filled with the type of horrific prose that can only be written, or appreciated, by a 14 year old girl. I titled a poem — wince — Frenz.

Humility is best delivered by your past self.

A journal from 1996 and 1998 filled with pages detailing two-week cycles love and hate. How many times (36) can a girl fall in love?

Another one from 2003 where I actually wrote:

I’ve been reading my old words since late afternoon. I wrote good stories– that had nothing to do with children, marriage, or creative uses for cardboard.

That stuff I want branded with — and credited to– my real name.